The DYNASKIM® surface skimmers offer a simple, fast and effective solution for the recovery of a floating layer that is to be found on surface waters (basins, tanks in or outdoor, open or closed, canals, rivers, sea, etc.)

Our surface skimmers are mostly used in the environment sector as well as chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food, pharmaceutical and heavy industry.
Our range of DYNASKIM® surface skimmers includes 3 skimmers in 304 stainless steel to choose according to the volume and the surface to be skimmed.
SKIM 300, diametre 450mm and max. flow 2,1 m3/Hr
SKIM 600, diametre 700mm and max. flow 5,4 m3/Hr
SKIM 1000, diametre 1120mm and max.flow 9,6 m3/Hr
We can also supply pumps and accessories as well as on-site assembly.

The skimmer in videos.


In order to recover completely the products floating on surface waters, it is necessary for the skimmer to be equipped with two dissociated rings of floats, meaning that there is no mechanical link between those two:

  • A ring of 3 internal floats with the skimming cone;
  • A ring of 3 external floats with the suction cone and a hose.


This dissociated floating system enables a precise and stable positioning of the skimming cone under the surface of the water with no influence of the outflow hose weight.

The outflow hose linked to the external floats is right under the level of the skimming cone and is precisely adjusted to it in order to minimize the amount of water pumped from the bottom by the skimmer.

The skimming height (difference between the water surface and the skimming cone) is adjustable from 0 mm to 20mm, that is to say a suction volume span from 0.4 to 9.6 m3/h.

The bigger the suction flow, the faster the skimming and the wider the area of influence will be. The volume of pumped water will also increase.

When a floating layer appears at the surface of the water, the floats sink deeper because of a lower density of the floating product. As a result the suction flow increases.