An innovative skimming solution for groundwater

• Dynamic skimming using vacuum suction.
• 100% free phase disposal guarantee.
• Integrated treatment of effluent.
• Reduced operational and maintenance costs.
• Low additional costs per additional well.
• Very low electrical power consumption.

The DYNASKIM® Solution is an “A to Z” solution: from product recovery to effluent & vapour treatment
We also offer a range of surface skimmers

DYNASKIM® is the specialist in aquifer remediation.

“Remediation begins with the elimination of the pollution source.” This may seem obvious, but it is not always the case, and can result in permanent contamination of the aquifer, sometimes for decades and even centuries.


The DYNASKIM® solution allows for the dynamic vacuum suction of the hydrocarbon free phase. It creates an imbalance between the level of the free phase inside the pumping well and the level present in the soil located around the well. This imbalance allows for the forced recharge of the well by a free phase of pollutant, which is immediately pumped and eliminated.
There is one condition: the soil must be sufficiently permeable to allow for the movement of the product and groundwater towards the wells.


Using this dynamic technology, DYNASKIM® maximizes the performance of groundwater skimming and retrieves the pollutants as fast as the nature of the soil permits it. DYNASKIM® guarantees the complete disposal of the thinnest free phase, but also viscous layers (liquid honey type). Such performance is unmatched using traditional techniques.


The DYNASKIM® technology is among the best soil remediation techniques worldwide.
It fits perfectly into an overall solution for the remediation of a polluted site, in addition to other complementary techniques (soil excavation, bio-remediation, oxidation remediation…).

A few words about soil contamination

” “The remediation of a site often requires the im-plementation of different techniques in order to clean up the soil and aquifer.” “- Philippe Lesuisse.

Soil contamination involves many types of risks: these include contamination by heavy metals, organic matters, pesticides, chemicals or hydrocarbons.

Aquifer pollution is often included in soil contamination… It is often a direct result of a prior soil contamination.
At the base of any type of contamination, there is always a source of pollution.
Its origin can be:
• accidental, like an explosion, rupture of a valve, pipe or a traffic accident
• historical, of an unknown origin or resulting from former industrial activity.






A few PPM (parts per Million) of pollutant are enough to make water unfit for consumption.

The “DYNASKIM®” solution applies to LNAPL type pollutants (Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquids) deemed insoluble in water.
These include:

  • Hydrocarbons in general, such as petrol (fuel, solvents), kerosene, gasoil, diesel (fuel or heating), fuel and oils (lubricants)
  • Monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons type CAV or BTEX
  • Some chemical derivatives and benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.