Our values


The DNA of our company, our vision, our values and our mission


The market of industrial decontamination is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. ODSI is a particularly committed partner for companies which are anxious to control the impact of their activity on water and soil.


By fully supporting its customers, ODSI seeks to fully revert to contamination-free water, helping to restore soil fertility.


1. Boldness from a dynamic and committed team at ODSI, from supporting complex projects, and from the will to lead an industry in constant innovation.


2. Awareness of issues related to Health, Safety and Environment, on site, in the workshop or in the office.


3. Agility, flexibility and responsiveness necessary to deal with emergency situations


4. The reliability and approach to quality, with nearly 100% success over more than 300 missions. A proven performance that reflects a strong and constant commitment in terms of expertise.


5. The ability to listen: because we are stronger together, ODSI designs its tasks in a spirit of listening and opening, as well as dispensing ethical advice to its clients.


The services offered by ODSI cover:


  • Project management, directly or in close collaboration with its partners.
  • The design and commissioning of the DYNASKIM® solution.
  • The provision of the installation or availability to local partners.
  • The training of customers and partners, engineering offices and engineers, in order to optimise performance.
  • The study of tailored solutions for each client, taking into account a diversity of settings for each remediation site.
  • Continuous technological innovation in order to adapt to every problem encountered.
  • Cost-benefit study and optimisation of operational costs for the benefit of the client.
  • Multilingual specialists active on an international level, with operational contacts around the world (French, English, Dutch, German and Spanish).
  • An emergency response capability, regardless of the geographical location of the affected site. Because emergency is inherent to environmental risks caused by hydrocarbons.