Although specific to each site, our intervention process is generally divided into 6 stages (client analysis, rental, well drilling and placement of the flexible hoses, delivery and installation, maintenance and reporting and spare parts).


The implementation of the DYNASKIM® solu-tion may require the completion of related works of earth-moving, well drilling, light infrastructure, drawdown of the aquifer etc. At the request of the client, ODSI may suggest relevant contractors, provide advice and ensure the coordination of the work related to the installation of the DYNASKIM® solution.



Client analysis

ODS International carries out an analysis with its clients, experts, environmental consulting firms and other stakeholders in order to find the best solution to fit the specifications or the problem.
ODS International offers solutions, can provide advice on various points related to skimming such as well drilling.
On top of skimming services, it can also entrust the implementation of the preparatory phase of skimming to carefully selected subcontractors. These works can include light earthworks, well drilling, potential infrastructure or drawdown works, or complete management and coordination of the project.
ODS International will also participate in the preparatory meetings for initiating the works.



The DYNASKIM® solution can be rented to clients and partners.

It includes:

  • a DS 500 or DS 100 pumping unit
  • a range of SKIM 2 or 4 skimmers, select-ed on the basis of the client’s skimming needs (well diameter and aquifer variabil-ity)
  • an optional storage unit

Maintenance (visit every 4 to 6 weeks) is offered in addition to the rental of the DYNASKIM® solution.
Occasional expenses such as mobilisation, demo-bilisation, transport, removal and destruction of the pumped product, consumables, mandatory checks (e.g. electrical checks of the installation), special approvals… are all accounted for separately.
Optional: water treatment, air treatment, ATEX approved installation, resistance to frost, emergency button outside the installation, etc.
All specific requests made by the client will be taken into account.



Wells and placement of the flexible hoses

ODSI is not equipped for drilling wells, or for the earthworks and light infrastructure works necessary for the underground placement of the hoses. ODSI usually starts working when wells and flexible hoses are in place..

It can however:

  • advise the client on the specifications of the wells for ideal performance of the installation
  • take care of the drilling by supervising a drilling partner
  • ensure monitoring during drilling in order to ensure compliance with the spec-ifications
  • take care of the earthworks and infra-structure works necessary for setting up flexible hoses using a partner contractor.

Please contact us for any specific request.

Delivery and installation

Services include:

  • the mobilisation, preparation of the remediation site, delivery of the DYNASKIM® solution (transport), installation and commissioning of the equipment
  • required approvals such as electrical checks prior to commissioning
  • demobilisation at the end of the remediation process, return transport of the installation

Maintenance & Reporting

ODSI offers a solution that requires very little maintenance. The installation is controlled remotely and continuously via modem.

SKIM 2 or 4 skimmers require no maintenance once placed in the wells.

A periodical visit every 4 to 6 weeks is necessary to carry out and includes

  • preventive maintenance of mechanical equipment
  • surveys of the installation parameters
  • measurements in the well (level and thickness of the free phase)
  • repositioning of the short stroke skimmers in case of an important variation in the groundwater table level
  • drafting of a report summing up the measures and actions taken during the visit

In addition, ODSI can provide a periodic report with analysis, charts and tables.

In case of malfunction, ODSI guarantees a response within 2 business days.

Spare parts

In order to minimise downtime related to a possible equipment malfunction, ODSI holds in stock the main components for its installations.
The costs, provision and replacement of defective parts is the responsibility of ODSI.