Philippe Lesuisse, créateur d'ODSI






Birth of a new Belgian company specialising in the remediation of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons: Intervention Dépollution sa.

10 years and more than 2000 work sites later, its founder, Belgian engineer Philippe Lesuisse makes a first assessment of activities and the technological offer available at the time. He makes two observations:

” The available technologies are satisfactory for the decontamination of surface water, land and dissolved products… But they are inefficient for the recovery of hydrocarbons supernatant on the surface of underground aquifers …”- Philippe Lesuisse.


Philippe Lessuisse began a major Research & Development phase in his workshops of Assesse in Belgium. The first trials were conclusive. They were quickly complemented by batteries of tests conducted on site and compared with the results of alternative skimming technologies available on the market at the time: Scavenger with hydrophobic membrane, oleophilic strips, ejector, multistage pump.


Creation of ODS International SA, a company specialising in the remediation of aquifers contaminated by floating hydrocarbons. This will be a key year for the development of the first DYNASKIM® prototypes in the workshops. Results were immediate: the dynamic skimming technology imagined by Philippe Lesuisse proves to be the ideal solution. The DYNASKIM® process was born 3 years later and protected by two patents.


Application for two new patents with the European Patent Office.


Creation of the demonstration centre in Assesse.


Allocation of 2 DYNASKIM® technology-related patents


Obtaining the Belgian environmental award.


Obtaining the first MASE approval and work authorisations for Seveso type chemical work sites


Construction of an experimental well in Assesse. It enables the development and market launch of a new type of skimmer, the SKIM 4-250 long-stroke, specially adapted for high variation aquifers.

New management team in charge of international development. Shares were opened to Patrick François, civil engineer. Philippe Lesuisse, founder of the company, remains as a consultant.


Development of remote controlled facilities via Modem. First installation (DS 100) in South Africa, followed 6 months later by a second installation of 40 wells linked to 1 single DS 500 unit. 2013 also witnessed the signing of a first international partnership (K&T South Africa) and the opening of the shares to Thierry Bastogne, industrial engineer.


Implementation of new control and maintenance standards in the facilities, 24/7. Under the leadership of Patrick François and Thierry Bastogne, the operational management and the Supply Chain are entirely reformulated: complete traceability of components and processes, introduction of preventive maintenance, validation of procedures and checklists.


Implementation of HSE procedures (Health, Safety and Environment), in addition to an approach which is the pride and reputation of the company: zero accident since its inception.
First Achilles certification awarded by the OVAM (BELGIUM) to ODSI for its work on a remediation site. A new MASE approval is obtained for a period of 3 years.
Launch of a R&D campaign for the continuous improvement of the performance and standard supply of skimmers.
Development of international partnership dynamics in France, Germany and the Netherlands.