About us



Innovation in the service of decontamination.

ODSI is a  Belgian engineering firm specialising in environmental work. Unlike many players in the industry, ODSI focuses its expertise on underground water decontamination using skimming techniques. In order to do so, it relies on its exclusive solution: DYNASKIM®.


As a company specialising in decontamination techniques, ODSI wants to make a concrete contribution towards improving our environment globally. Because the air, water and soil of our planet are the source of all life. Mistakes of the past must be fixed today in order to build a better world for tomorrow.

Why Choose Us

Top Reasons to Choose DYNASKIM®


During the rehabilitation of contaminated land or when supporting major industrial players, ODSI distinguishes itself by combining a rigorous economic study with a total guarantee of success, corresponding to 100% disposal of the free phase.
ODSI never forces its clients to carry out unnecessary work: the diversity of situations encountered stimulates the creativity of its engineers, and encourages its teams to lead a process of continuous innovation. This process has benefited each of the company’s clients for the last 15 years. This allows each intervention to be based on a calibrated solution tailored to every need.

At the heart of environmental issues, ODSI is one of the few companies on the market capable of providing internal design and manufacturing of processing units.
A unique know-how which ensures the reliability and performance of its installations.
ODSI can therefore rely on a complete equipment pool composed of pumping, storage and processing units.

What We Do

  • Skimming on international construction sites: 90%
  • Consulting and expertise in remediation: 70%
  • Optimisation of pumping processes: 100%
  • Maintenance of installations: 90%