For many years, ODSI has been committed to training and validating the skills of its staff.


The reason is simple: the optimal implementation of the DYNASKIM® solution relies equally on the quality of the technology and on the experience of the staff.
This is why skills management, guarantee of expertise and appropriate resource management are essential when looking to achieve results.
ODSI is committed to training its employees on an ongoing basis. This concerns issues of health, safety and environment as well as technical procedures.

Beyond the constant concern to maintain privacy and expertise of the staff, training is an essential step in order to retain approvals, clearances and permissions for our teams to access highly secure sites.



ODSI is also committed to training its partners.
Courses are generally taught in its technical centre in Assesse. Upon request, training can also be offered on the partner’s premises.
During the first installations of a DYNASKIM® solution with a new partner, ODSI will assist the partner on site during the time required to initiate and control the solution.
Documents detailing the use, maintenance and measurements will be handed over to the partner during installation.
Depending on the partner’s preference, training can be provided in French, English, Dutch, German or Spanish.



To enable effective, regular and short-term training, ODSI offers a specially arranged demonstration and training centre.
It allows tackling each step of the DYNASKIM® remediation process.
To facilitate communication between ODSI, its partners and its clients, a precise identification of each component and each installation is per-formed.
The checklist and procedures are also provided during each maintenance activity, since the programming of pumping parameters up to emptying the tanks.