New partners



For several years, ODSI has committed itself to developing an export strategy.


In order to achieve this, ODSI encourages collaboration with local partners for their proximity with clients and their knowledge of the local market and regulations.
ODSI offers to its partners and clients a skimming solution based on a powerful and exclusive technology: DYNASKIM®.
It ensures the transfer of expertise to its partners through training so that they can operate the DYNASKIM® solution with a guarantee of results.


We operate directly with our staff in Belgium and France and with
our partner Kantey and Templer in South Africa.
We are currently negotiating partnership in:

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • China

We are open to any market opening on an opportunistic basis
Please contact us , for any specific request.


For our clients, access to a unique and powerful solution for groundwater skimming with a guarantee of free phase disposal.
For our partners:

  • the ability to offer their customers one of the best skimming technologies
  • a potential extension to previously non-target or unreachable markets
  • access to a demonstrated high performance technology, without investment in R&D or capital
  • maintaining the relationship with the client and acting as the main contractor on the remediation site.

For any additional information or partnership inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us .