Storage (HC)



The DYNASKIM® solution is an ideal match for the needs of hydrocarbons (HC) storage companies.


Different types of storage facilities include:

  • HC storage facilities for the distribution to service stations, individuals, shippers, railway, etc.
  • Strategic HC storage facilities for the State or companies
  • SEVESO HC storage facilities
  • Outdated or emerging storage facilities
  • Suspended activity storage facilities


Pollution type Aquifer pollution through the formation of an underground pollutant free phase. Pollution can be the result of an accident such as a valve rupture, explosion, human error… It can also be historical and have been generated a short or long time ago.
Pollutant type All LNAPL (Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquid) type pollutants, lighter than water and deemed insoluble in water such as:

  • petrol (fuels, solvents)
  • kerosene, gasoil, diesel (fuel or heating)
  • heating oil, oils (lubricants).
DYNASKIM® Solution A unique solution for free phase disposal using dynamic vacuum suction.
A complete turnkey solution integrated or not with other techniques of remediation covering other aspects of pollution such as soil contamina-tion.A solution compliant with regulations delivered with an ATEX option if necessary.
A solution installed by a company accustomed to work in SEVESO zones and aware of the risks associated with its actions.
Our exclusive benefits
  • Skimmers able to adapt to daily or seasonal aquifer level variations.
  • Skimmers equipped for the disposal of free phase composed of multiple components including high viscosity types such as honey or liquid tar.
  • Low volumes of water pumped in addition to the product.
  • Low energy consumption of the installation.
  • Possibility of connecting up to 40 wells with independent pumping from each well.
  • Remote control of the system via modem.
  • Very high reliability of the installation.
Your benefits
  • No intervention from the client, full support of the installation by ODSI or its partners.
  • Free phase disposal guarantee.
  • Low-cost effluent treatment given the low volume of pumped effluent.
  • Low energy bills due to the low con-sumption of the installation.
  • Low maintenance costs. On site visit every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Very low risk of secondary pollution giv-en the very principle of vacuum and the presence of holding tanks in pumping and storage units.
  • Guarantee of customer satisfaction.
  • Easy integration of the DYNASKIM® solution within a comprehensive remediation solution on any site where other techniques are implemented.