DYNASKIM ® well Skimmer


DYNASKIM® well Skimmer 2″ & 4″

• Continuous monitoring of groundwater level variations up to 2.5m.
• Skimming thin layers of free phase.
• Little to no maintenance.
• Skimming of viscous product.
• Insensitivity to dirt and bacteria.


Skimmer SKIM/SKIM + Séries

In each of the wells, we install a SKIM/SKIM + series skimmer connected to the pumping unit by a flexible hose.

Up to 40 SKIM/SKIM + skimmers can be controlled independently using one DS 500 unit.

A skimmer consists of a guided float and a vacuum suction system connected to a DS 500/DS 100 pumping unit. The float is totally separated (no connected hose) from the vacuum suction device and positioned itself exactly at the water/hydrocarbon interface.


One of the key strengths of the DYNASKIM® technology lies in the dynamic management of the vacuum suction.

In short, the vacuum generated at the level of the skimmer creates a vacuum depression close to -1 bar. That depression is spread over a small section of suction and generates a suction power which is virtually impossible to seal, even by high viscosity pollutants.


The second key strength of the DYNASKIM® technology is the real time monitoring of daily or seasonal groundwater level variations up to 2.5m..

Depending on the problem encountered, the ODSI engineer will prescribe the DYNASKIM® skimmer best suited to the onsite situation. The choice of the model will be based on the diameter of the inner tube of the well and groundwater level variation.


Pumping at a depth > 8.5 m:

Vacuum does not allow for pumping at a depth of more than 8.5 m. When pumping needs to be carried out at a greater depth, an intermediate chamber is used, while keeping the same operating principle based on vacuum



DSC_0018 (2)

ODSI offers a range of SKIM skimmers in version 2” & 4”.

This skimmer is only available as standard for a variation of the groundwater table of 25cm:

• SKIM 2-25: 2″ 25cm float travel range
• SKIM 4-25: 4″ 25cm float travel range

For groundwater table variations greater than 25 cm select a new generation skimmer from the SKIM + Series.

Please contact us for any specific request.


DSC05432 - 260x164x

After 2 years of development, ODS International is proud to be able to offer new generation skimmers on the skimming market.
These new skimmers adapt continuously to daily variations (tides influence) or seasonal variations up to 2.5m.
This 2.5m skimmer run exceeds all existing supply on the market.
Based on a similar principle to our skimmers SKIM 2-25 and SKIM 4-25, they keep all the advantages while improving some:
• Simplicity and robustness
• No maintenance
• Minimum volume of pumped water
• Pumping of very thin layers
• Pumping of viscous products
• Insensitivity to fouling and bacteria
• Low weight
This new generation of skimmers has no impact on the pumping unit to which the skimmers are connected.
These new skimmers are available as standard in 2 ” and 4 ” with variations in multiples of 25cm
• SKIM + 2” float travel range between 25 and 125cm
• SKIM + 4” float travel range between 25 and 250cm


Please contact us for any specific request.