placeholder3Skimming is a technique used for the disposal of a deemed insoluble free phase supernatant on fresh or salt water. Skimming is the term used for the disposal of free phase on surface waters (basin, lake, canal, sea) and on groundwater (aquifers). Different techniques are available on the market, each with their privileged scopes, advantages and disadvantages.
Specifically, for the skimming of groundwater, multiple parameters must be considered in or-der to select the most appropriate technology. These include the daily or seasonal variations in aquifer levels, viscosity of the free phase, presence of dirt or bacteria in the free phase, thickness of the free phase, depth of the aquifer, permeability of the soil etc.

placeholder3Like other skimming technologies, the DYNASKIM® solution applies only to LNAPL (Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquid) type pollutants. These products are lighter than water, little or non-water soluble irrespective of their viscosity. They include in general hydrocarbons and some chemicals derivatives :
• Petrol (fuel, solvents)
• Kerosene, gasoil, diesel, (fuel, heating)
• Oils (lubricants)
• Monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons type CAV or BTEX
• Benzene
• Toluene
• Xylene
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placeholder3As for any other skimming technology, the DYNASKIM® solution is applicable only to permeable soils whose structure provides mobility to the aquifer and to the free phase due to be recovered.

placeholder3In any type of accidental or historical pollution involving the presence of a free phase on a mo-bile aquifer. The DYNASKIM® solution only covers the disposal of the free phase, but can be integrated seamlessly with the other solutions which are required for the complete remediation of a polluted site.

placeholder3ODSI may use the DYNASKIM® solution when facing:
• An extremely viscous product (honey or liquid tar type);
• Very dirty products or in the presence of bacteria;
• A thin to very thin free phase;
• Important daily/seasonal variation in the aquifer level (up to 2.5 m);
• Great depths ( • Request to pump a very small volume of ef-fluent in addition to the product.)

placeholder3Yes, ODSI can take action as long as the free phase is mobile. The DYNASKIM® solution allows for action in extreme conditions where other techniques are not suitable. This includes for example the skimming of viscous or very viscous products. Another example is when facing continuous daily or seasonal aquifer variations ranging up to 2.5 m.

placeholder3Yes. ODSI guarantees the complete pumping of the free phase in the wells.

placeholder31. A visit on site and a technical study.
2. A demonstration of the DYNASKIM® solution in the workshop.
3. The definition of the configuration of the client’s installation.
4. The development of a quote and conditions.
5. A testing period of 3 months on site in order to validate the solution.
6. Conclusions followed by the appropriate modification of the installation (e.g. adding the volume of storage for the product) for a long term contract.

placeholder3Drilling is a specific trade for which we are nei-ther equipped nor competent. Drilling is carried out by specialised operators. We can, however, recommend drillers and dimensioning specifications for the wells in order to achieve maximum skimming. We can also take care of the follow-up and coordination of the drilling upon request by the client.

placeholder3Yes. The maintenance and repair of the installations are performed by ODSI or a local partner chosen by ODSI. Our installations are however extremely reliable and require only a periodical maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks.

placeholder3Our installations are under permanent monitoring by modem and are checked every 4 to 6 weeks during maintenance visits.

placeholder3A standard unit used for testing periods allows for the storage of 0.8 m3 of pumped product. In the case of a long term contract, a storage solution ranging between 2.5 m3 and 15 m3 can be provided by ODSI depending on the needs and wishes of the client. Additionally, ODSI can take care of the removal of the recovered product. ODSI will entrust such a task to a company specialising in the transport and reprocessing of pumped hydrocarbons.

placeholder3We are currently present in Belgium, France and South Africa. We work with our partner Kantey & Templer on the African continent. In order to better serve foreign markets, we are looking for partners in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Austria and Switzerland. We are also open to partnerships in other markets depending on requests.

placeholder3Yes. We offer emergency response. Our standard installations DS 100-5 and DS 500-12 are ready at all times, in order to offer rapid implementation.

placeholder3Each client is an individual case for ODSI. For each request and depending on specifications, a fair calculation of the costs will be determined based on our price list. Our quotes are “all inclusive”. They incorporate a fixed rental price per month for each pumping unit, storage unit and skimmers, as well as a fixed cost for one-time or repetitive services (e.g.: mobilisation, demobilisation, special approval, replacement of activated carbon, etc…). The advantage of the DYNASKIM® solution lies in its decreasing cost per well, and in the calculation of the overall solution costs taking into account ancillary costs such as treatment of the pumped effluent, or the cost of electricity consumption, which are 2 heavy budget items for which the DYNASKIM® solution provides significant savings.