Explosion proof



In some companies, risks are inherent to the use of potentially explosive substances.

These substances can be simply present in ambient dust or gases. Risk taking becomes more critical when using equipment such as motors, pumps, valves or sensors. All of these energy sources may be sufficient to generate an explosion, which constitutes a latent risk for workers and their environment.

In order to limit such risks, a series of rules were dictated at national, European and international levels. Therefore, during decontamination in factories or on sites where there is a known risk of explosion, the material which is used must be subject to the ATEX rules.



In the particular field of skimming, particularly volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline can present a real risk of explosion. Especially when they are in the presence of a source of energy. Pumping and storage facilities should be fully constructed and approved according to ATEX.



At the request of the client, the DYNASKIM® solution can be designed and equipped in accordance with the ATEX regulations.
In the framework of DS 500 installations, ODSI has received a generic ATEX certification type II 2 G / EEx d IIB T4 / EEx d IIB T4, which is compliant with European directive 94/9/EC of March 23, 1994.

ATEX compliance covers the electrical part of the Dynaskim solution, including:
• the use of ATEX approved equipment for potentially unmovable heat sources such as the vacuum pump, level detectors and radiators in the pumping and storage units
• the relocation of potential heat sources in a separate cabin in a non ATEX zone, (compressor, electric panel, air box, etc).