L’écrémeur SKIM+, une innovation !


The skimmer SKIM +, an innovation!

ODS International’s engineers have finalized the development of a new range of long-stroke skimmers 2” and 4”. These new skimmers are operational since mid 2018 and have already proved their effectiveness.

These new skimmers adapt to daily or seasonal variations (tidal range) up to 2.5 m. This variable stroke capability exceeds all existing offers on the market.
Based on a principle similar to our skimmers SKIM 2-25 and SKIM 4-25, they keep all of the benefits, even improving some aspects:
• Simplicity and robustness
• No maintenance required
• Low volume of water pumped
• Skimming thin layers of free phase
• Skimming of viscous products
• Insensitivity to dirt and bacteria
• Low weight

This new generation of skimmers has no impact on the pumping unit which the skimmers connect to.