DSC_0029 (2)ODS International has been in activity for over 15 years.

ODS International is a specialist in on-site elimination of free phase LNAPL (Light Non Aquaeous Phase Liquid) supernatant on an aquifer.

The solution DYNASKIM® is a patented technology which has received the award for “best sustainable development technology” in Belgium.In combination with other soil and water decontamination technologies, it can be easily integrated into a comprehensive solution for the remediation of a polluted site.

solution dynaskim

The Solution DYNASKIM®:

  • Unique dynamic skimming technology for eliminating 100% of the free phase using vacuum suction.
  • Continuous monitoring of changes in aquifer
  • Very low volume of water to treat and integrated treatment of effluent.
  • Insensitivity to dirt and very low maintenance.
  • Connection of up to 40 wells per pumping unit.
  • Very low power consumption.

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The Solution DYNASKIM® consists of:

  • A pumping unit for 1 to 40 wells max.
  • A storage unit
  • 2″or 4″ diameter floats/skimmers

Optional purification of pumped effluent, purification of fumes produced during pumping/storage as well as ATEX conformity of the electrical installation

dsc06314Our areas of intervention are:

  • Refining and chemistry
  • Storage
  • Hydrocarbon transport distribution
  • Real estate and brownfields
  • Other hydrocarbon-intensive businesses
  • Environmental study offices
  • Environmental sanitizers

ODSI has its own centre of expertise near Namur where training and demonstrations of the solution DYNASKIM® take place.


ODSI engineers are also involved in a research and development programme for a new generation of skimmers which will allow the monitoring of water variation up to 2.5 m.

partnershipODSI has been developing a solid export strategy for several years.

In order to implement this strategy, ODSI encourages cooperation with local partners.
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